What Our Clients Say About Us!

“Exemplify is such a friendly and welcoming environment. Not to mention the coaches and people are extremely helpful and full of positive energy. The environment is extremely clean, and they take the extra measures to thoroughly disinfect. It’s family friendly, and they have programs for your kiddos of all ages! Everyone thinks “OMG, CrossFit I can’t do that! It’s too intense” but it’s not! The great thing about Exemplify is that they work with you to help build your goals and modify the workout to meet your strengths. It’s honestly the best decision I’ve made for me, my 16 year old, and my 7 year old! 

Joining exemplify has changed my life in the sense of giving me motivation to have ME time that I deserve. As a single mother with a busy life of running a business, I sometimes forget to take care of myself! The ability to choose from multiple different class times has been extremely helpful because I can carve out 1 hour of my life to dedicate to ME! I feel so accomplished after my class workout!

My son’s life has also changed since he started CrossFit Teens! He’s become more mature and focused on his goals, strengths, and health. It has helped him see the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and build strength in his body to get him mentally and physically ready for when he leaves for the academy in a couple months!

As for my daughter, it has changed her life because she is eager to learn different workout techniques, and she physically challenges herself to be better every class! She enjoys it so much and brags to everyone that she does CrossFit! My favorite part of it all is when I can take my daughter to her class and workout in my class next to hers. It honestly becomes our CrossFit bonding time! When my son comes home and tells me how much weight he has increased to and how proud and motivated he is, I become motivated to challenge myself because of his positive energy.

-Anna Agustin

After her children began thriving in our youth programs, Anna began her fitness journey with us on July 27th of this year. Her drive and desire to learn is infectious and we cannot wait to see how far she goes in her fitness journey!

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