Parents are always pushed to lead by example. What comes to mind for you? Don’t cheat, don’t steal, treat others with respect? What comes to mind in your child’s view of health? How are you leading by example?

At every appointment with a new client, we dive into our clients WHY. We often hear, “I’m doing it for my kids.” But we rarely see the kids at the gym. As the guardians of the next generation, it is our RESPONSIBILITY to show them what being health looks like. This can be quite the undertaking.

By engaging in physical activity and making healthy choices themselves, parents can inspire their children to do the same. It’s a wonderful opportunity to bond as a family and create lasting habits that will benefit everyone in the long run.

In our experience parents often have questions about what fitness options are best for their kids. Some common questions include: 

1. What are the best types of physical activities for kids to participate in?

2. How much exercise should kids get each day?

3. Are team sports or individual activities better for kids?

4. What are the benefits of strength training for kids?

5. How can parents encourage their kids to stay active and enjoy fitness?

6. Are there any safety concerns parents should be aware of when it comes to kids’ fitness activities?

7. How can parents help their kids set and achieve fitness goals?

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing insight on how to dodge the myriad of options and how to keep kids excited about being healthy!

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