Group CrossFit Classes
Our group classes encompass a supportive atmosphere led by our expert coaches. You will learn functional movements that yield results while being held accountable by your coach and other class members. Research shows that working out alongside others helps you to push your limits and ramp up the intensity. Not to mention, it’s fun too!
Personal Training
Work one on one with a coach to target your specific goals. Are you preparing for a competition? Are you looking to get your first pull up? Would you like to improve endurance to run a marathon? Personal training will help you to achieve your goals!
Online Personal Training
Get your fitness on anywhere at any time! With online personal training, you get accountability from your coach and have access to programming that is tailored to the equipment you have. No weights required!
Nutrition is the cornerstone of fitness. Learn how to fuel your body in a way that gives you more energy, improves performance, and overall leads to a healthier lifestyle.
Our CrossFit Teens will build confidence through learning healthy habits, the importance of exercise, sound movement patterns, proper mechanics, and camaraderie. (Ages 12-17)
Learning the concept of a healthy lifestyle is critical at an early age. Kids will be guided through foundational movements and games that build teamwork and communication skills. All the while making friends and having lots of fun! (Ages 6-11)


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