Our Clients Tell Their Story Best…

“My name is James Zdanwic, I work in the wireless construction field. One of my biggest challenges was losing weight. I’m active but needed a little push in the right direction. Honestly, I never wanted to join CrossFit. I always felt uncomfortable, unsure, and overall confused on what I needed to help with my weight loss goal! After talking with my wife for my many months and complaining about not feeling healthy, she made me stop in Exemplify after five times driving by! This was the BEST DECISION I’ve ever made. I always wanted to lose weight but did not feel comfortable around anyone in a fitness facility”

“Everyone is warm and welcoming, they made me understand we all have our challenges when it comes to a healthy lifestyle and work with each individual. I became part of the Exemplify Family in September 2020 weighing in at 285, after attending scheduled classes and changing my bad eating habits I can happily say as of December 2020 I’m now 240! Losing 45 lbs in 4 months is an amazing feeling! I feel amazing, tons of energy and look forward to attending my classes! Thanks to my Exemplify family for making this happen!”

“Thank you guys for everything you guys have done and continue to do! You guys and your coaching staff is just amazing!!” -JD

Well done JD! We can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store for you!

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